Frequently Asked Questions

What are the aims of the Congress?

The Congress aims to bring together Luthiers and Archetiers from Australia and Internationally in a collegiate working environment, where information, technics and processes are shared, discussed and demonstrated in a non-competitive way.

What is main format of the Congress?

The Congress is workshop based, where delegates will be working on projects of their choice, which you will bring under the supervision of an Internationally recognised group of tutors. It may be a project that you are working on at present, or one that you have set aside as too challenging for a particular time. It is also an opportunity to develop techniques that you have either little knowledge off or would like to refine.

What is the educational focus of the Congress?

The Congress has been established to allow delegates the choice of work from new making of instruments and bows, to repair and restoration work, retouch and acoustic set ups.

Will there be any lectures or demonstrations during the Congress?

Yes. Whilst the Congress will primarily focus on workshop based practical activities, presentations and demonstrations on particular processes and techniques will be undertaken by the tutors on topics of their choice at allocated times throughout the day. From past experience these sessions have been informative, encouraging and an opportunity to ask questions and share collective experiences.

Do I have to bring my own tools?

It is advisable that a collection of your own personal hand tools, jigs, etc are bought to the Congress. What you bring will be determined by the project you choose to undertake. If you are driving to the Congress this will be an easier task than those who fly. If you are flying a basic kit may be all you can carry due to weight. It should however at the least include gouges, thumb planes, knives, scrappers, files and measuring and marking out tools.

The workshops are equipped with a panel saw, band saw, lathes (both wood and metal) belt and disc sanders, drill presses and other machinery. A glue pot, bending iron and Triton chisel sharpener will be on hand.

If I am flying to the Congress and cannot bring instruments, will there be other work available?

Yes. Ideally you will be able to bring your own projects as most airlines allow instruments to be included as carry on luggage, however there are some projects that will be available in various states of disrepair and value that will be available to develop/practice techniques and processes if required.

I intend to work on varnishing, will any of this be available?

This is a specialist area of our work and each person has their own specific products and processes that they adopt. As a consequence, in this are you will be required to bring what you require yourself. If you are flying then there are regulations as to what you can bring. That is not to say that some varnishing materials will not be available.

If I am driving is there secure parking?

Yes. We will be working at The Scots School Bathurst. Your vehicle can be parked in any number of locations available and the school is monitored by security.

I notice a free day in the Congress programme. What if I wish to work?

The workshops will be open for activities on all days of the Congress. The touring/sightseeing activities planned for the free day are optional only. They will incur a small fee for those who wish to attend to cover the cost of the bus and driver. A list will be taken of those who wish to partake in this on the day of registration.

At what times will we have access to the workshops?

The workshops will be accessible to the delegates commencing at 08.00 in the morning and being locked up by 9.30 at night. They may also be locked during the scheduled lunch break. It is not anticipated that late night work will take place after 9.30 pm.

If I am not attending the Congress, but wish to support it by attending the Congress dinner, is this possible?

Yes. There are a number of music industry people in the local area who wish to attend the Congress dinner, but are not Luthiers and Archetiers. Provided you register via the website and pay the fee for the dinner ($60 AUD), you are most welcome to attend.